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Best-Australia-Hosting.com here to help you find the best web hosting company to suit your needs. It can be complicated to choose the right web hosting provider. We’re here to take the overwhelm and confusion out of that task. Our team of professionals regularly reviews web hosting companies from around the world. They assess and compare all the options to help make it easier for you to find the right one for you.

At Best-Australia-Hosting, we look for secure, reasonably-priced, reliable web hosts that offer top quality value. Although we look at companies around the globe, we only select the ones that best suit the needs of our Australian audience.

We focus our core selection on the four pillars (Speed, Support, Site Builder & Security), but we take into account all the following factors as well to make a well rounded score:

Features Offered

User Experience


User Feedback

Price/Value Ratio

Plan Bundles

Company Stability

& More

We know how confusing it can be to choose a web hosting provider. Not only are there plenty of options, but with all the technical information related to web hosting, it can be disorienting.

Let us help you! We’ll take care of investigating, comparing, and judging the various options, and then we’ll share our findings to help make choosing the one for you quick and easy.

Four Foundational Pillars

Site Speed

Speed is typically the most obvious thing to notice about your site’s performance. Users love fast websites as does Google, the faster the site is, the better it ranks so we have it in our first spot.

Support Quality

Knowledgeable and helpful support should be the building block for every great company. Any support team can answer a question, but few go above and beyond to help customers — we value that.

Site Builder

Because plenty of people choose to build their sites themselves or select pre-built templates, we have the site builder (and templates offered) very high on our ranking priority.


Another foundatonal metric, most hosts offer the standard SSL certificate, but few are really secure and built on top of security-first principles. There is a lot that goes into security, other than just SSL.

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